Bangladesh Nationalist Party polls manifesto 2018

The BNP, whenever casted a ballot to control, will bring clearing changes to reinforce popular government, make parliament powerful, build up the standard of law and guarantee autonomy of the legal executive, as indicated by its statement for the December 30 surveys.

In the pronouncement, the gathering promises to ensure the right to speak freely and articulation by rejecting what it says is dark laws including Digital Security Act, Special Powers Act and Official Secrets Act.

It additionally guarantees to frame a commission to rebuild the organization and decentralize the power by making neighborhood government bodies more grounded.

“I am declaring the pronouncement in the interest of previous PM and BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia and I need to guarantee you that no reprisal will be gone up against anybody if the BNP is casted a ballot to control,” said BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir at a question and answer session at a city inn.

Since her taking control of the BNP in 1984, this is first time the gathering reported its race pronouncement when Khaleda is in jail.

The BNP boss has been in prison since February 8 being sentenced in a join case and attempting to turn out on safeguard. Her offer to partake in the parliamentary surveys has likewise been reduced.

“We trust that you [people] will cast your votes in favor of setting up respect and poise of Khaleda Zia and Tarique Rahman,” Fakhrul said.


In the proclamation, the BNP says yearly riches explanations of head administrator, priests, legislators and high government authorities will be made open each year.

The gathering made such a vow in the run-up to the 2001 parliamentary surveys. Be that as it may, it appeared to have overlooked it in the wake of expecting office.

The pronouncement says the gathering will scrap the Special Powers Act, 1974. It made the guarantee before in 2001.

At the point when in office from 2001 to 2006, the gathering did not guarantee the detachment of the legal executive from the official branch.

It presently vows to put the lower legal executive under the control of the Supreme Court rather than the president through revision of the constitution.

A commission will be framed to convey essential changes to the legal executive framework, as per the declaration.

It will set up an institutional framework to select effective judges to expel the present case accumulation.

The pronouncement says the gathering will stop additional legal killings, a hazard started when the BNP was in power in 2001-06. It didn’t make any move to keep its repeat.

It guarantees to guarantee the right to speak freely and lift all confinements via web-based networking media use to give individuals a chance to express their feeling openly.

Be that as it may, the BNP-drove government in 2006 ordered the Information Technology Act, 2006, with the dubious arrangement of segment 57 which was broadly mishandled to choke the right to speak freely and articulation as of late.


Whenever casted a ballot to control, the gathering needs to present “another model” of governmental issues free from retribution and vengeance.

For this the gathering needs to frame a “national commission” to achieve a social concurrence on this issue and present another political culture. The commission will be framed with the pioneer of the House, the restriction pioneer and famous natives of the nation.

In any case, when the gathering was in power, an offensive projectile assault was done on the then restriction pioneer Sheik Hasina’s rally on August 24, 2004 trying to kill her. Various BNP pioneers and senior authorities of knowledge offices were supposedly occupied with the scheme to dispatch the assault.

The BNP guarantees to present a decision time guardian government in discussion with the various political gatherings.

Strikingly, the gathering has been reprimanded for doctoring the now dead non-factional overseer government framework in 2004. In that year, the BNP-drove government had expanded the retirement age of the Supreme Court made a decision by altering the constitution.

This had guaranteed that a specific boss equity would accept office of the central counsel after his retirement amid the 2007 parliamentary surveys.

The then AL-drove resistance emphatically contradicted it and propelled gigantic road unsettling. The nation was dove into bedlam.

The BNP anyway now tries to present a future-situated political culture in the nation which would be against the legislative issues of retribution and requital.

It promised to advance a culture of resilience in legislative issues which will urge political pioneers not to make shocking remarks on national pioneers.

On Monday, Jatiya Oikyafront, a join of BNP and some other political gatherings, revealed its appointive declaration. The vast majority of the guarantees of Oikyafront are like that of BNP.

BNP’s guarantees additionally incorporate guaranteeing the harmony between the forces of the president and the executive by altering the constitution.

In 2002, the then administering BNP was broadly condemned for compelling Badruddoza Chowdhury to venture down as president.

It additionally guarantees to check defilement.

Be that as it may, amid its 2001-06 term, Tarique Rahman, senior child of Khaleda set up an elective focus of intensity. It was Hawa Bhaban, a two-story working in Gulshan, which in the long run turned into a metaphor of debasement, neglectful power misuse and psychological warfare.

Different PLEDGES

The gathering says steps will be taken with the goal that one-party rule doesn’t come back to the nation. No individual will hold the post of PM for in excess of two continuous terms and the representative speaker will be picked from the restriction.

The guarantees likewise incorporate reclamation of choice framework in the constitution for setting up individuals’ equitable rights, presentation of upper assembly of the House including individuals of varying backgrounds, expanded portrayal of ladies in every single protected organization.

Like the Oikyafront, it likewise promises to revise article 70 of the constitution to enable officials to talk against gathering choices in parliament.

The gathering promised to make open the test gives an account of BDR slaughter and Bangladesh Bank save heist and lead more examination concerning the occurrences.

It likewise promised to put genuine and productive individuals at the sheets of state-claimed banks and Securities and Exchange Commission to forestall repeat of offer market and managing an account tricks.

The gathering likewise said it will stop political intercession in running state-claimed banks. The keeping money division of the back service will be annulled to vest all forces in the national bank to run and manage the saving money framework.

The gathering has guaranteed to research “any defilement in the continuous super tasks” despite the fact that it won’t stop any work in advancement.

After test, the offenders will be conveyed to equity.

The gathering will frame a panel to audit the activities taken up in scramble over the most recent two years of the present government.

A taskforce will examine the purposes behind surprising expense of snappy rental power extends, its statement said.

It will bring all the remote specialists under work allow to stop tax evasion and will bring them under the expense net.

The gathering additionally guaranteed to pull back every one of the bodies of evidence recorded against understudies amid the challenges over VAT exclusion, quantity change and street wellbeing developments.

It said it will take unique measures not to interfere with traffic development on the streets when executive and president drive.

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